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We know you want the best for your family and that means providing them with nutritious food. But what if they refuse to eat it? How much longer can you tell yourself they will grow out of being fussy?

Program is now currently open for enrolments.

“Bring Structure To Mealtimes”

Refusal to eat certain foods isn’t uncommon at the dining table, which is why this program was created. If you’ve been waiting for your child to grow out of their fussy-ness to no avail, it might to time to take the next step with this program. Be provided with an in depth approach, targeting the challenging behaviour of a problem feeder. This program will guide you through eliminating the symptoms and causes of a problem feeder while demonstrating over 17 different techniques that you can use to bring structure to meal times. You and your child will both feel empowered on this journey towards change!

Program is now currently accepting enrollments. 

All prices are in Australian Dollars

Monthly Payment Plan consists of 2 payments throughout program duration.

Problem Feeder Program Outline

Step 1

Balancing the diet and eliminating all causes.

Step 2

Tolerating Food

Step 3

Tolerating and Touching Food

Step 4

Tasting New Foods

Step 5

Eating New Foods

Step 6

Stretching Food Preferences

Step 7

Empowering your Child’s Onward Journey

Not sure if you have a picky eater or problem feeder?

Statistically children under the age of 10 have a 3 in 4 chance of overcoming Picky Eating habits without any interaction or feeding therapy. However Problem Feeders have a 1 in 4 chance.

Take the Quiz to see which type of feeder you have.

Tranform Your Mealtime

Parents who undertake this program have fantastic results such as:

Reduced Stress During Mealtimes

Identifying the Root Cause

Expanding Food Preferences

Creating Healthy Habits

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Now currently accepting enrollments

All prices in Australian Dollars

Do you feel like you need some extra support and guidance?

“You don’t have to feel alone when struggling at meal times”

We understand that when your child struggles so do you. Do you feel like you need some extra support and guidance? Or perhaps your meal time challenge is bigger than you realised. Just like our original Problem Feeder course this option will guide you through eliminating the cause while balancing the diet, with the added benefit of encouragement and assistance.

Problem Feeder with Consultations

This course will provide you with additional support through:

  • Feedback on your food diary and nutrition analysis
  • Help filling in worksheets
  • Menu planning
  • 2 x 45 minute private one on one consultations
  • Further support when needed

Now currently accepting enrollments

All prices in Australian Dollars

Tranform Your Mealtime

Parents who undertake this program have fantastic results such as:


Reduced Stress During Mealtimes

Identifying the Root Cause

Lack Of Support

Child Health


A future full of healthy habits.

.With all of these resources at your fingertips, what’s stopping you?

Set your child up for future full of healthy habits with the ‘Problem Feeder with Consultations’ Program

Now currently accepting enrollments, All prices in Australian Dollars

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Sensory Explorer Placemat


Designed to help you and your child change the paradigm of interaction and conversation around food.

Sensory Tracker


Designed to guide your child through the visual sequence of accepting new foods in their diet

Placemat & Tracker Bundle with App


Bundle which includes both the Placemat , Tracker and App



Little Fusspot’s guide to dealing with picky eaters.

Be equipped with all the tools you and your child will need on this journey

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You are your child’s best therapist, start learning the tools now.

Includes the Ebook, Sensory Placemat & tracker plus the bonus App.

PICKY EATER a fresh new approach to solving picky eater kids
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As seen on TV

Little Fusspot’s Beth has been featured on a range of your favourite media programs to share her expert insights into picky eaters!


This program was so incredibly useful and easy to follow. I think what sets it apart, is the availability of Beth for questions as you move through it. The private closed FB group adds a benefit because you can get a response right away and also see how others are doing as a form of encouragement. In all previous attempts to help picky eating in my daughter, I have been discouraged due to feeling completely alone but with the group I have seen how others have dealt with things and this has helped my staying power and believing that there is an end.
Jordana V

I was unsure if would help me as my son is 10. How wrong I was. I have been taught how to change the dynamic at meal times to reduce stress and techniques on introducing new foods. We still have a way to go but this course has given us the hope we needed that we can improve his eating. There was so much help from Beth and all the other wonderful families in the group. We could share our good and bad days and always received heartfelt support. Thank you Beth x

Shannon G

I can’t thank Beth enough for the massive amount of support through her picky eaters programme. We have learnt techniques to introduce new foods, create a calm and safe environment and the knowledge to feed my daughter a balanced, nutritious diet. The recipes on the website and Beth’s little fusspot book have been a massive hit, a daily resource in meal planning. Thanks again Beth for the time and heartfelt dedication that you have put into your website and clients. I can’t wait to see some more recipes!

Lucy M