Nara-Beth Bonfiglio – Creator of Little Fusspot

Hi I’m Nara-Beth Bonfiglio, but most people call me Beth.

I’m on a mission to equip and empower parents to build a healthy future for their children.

One that promises that they will thrive and not just survive! A future that they deserve!

I’m a clinical nutritionist and feeding therapist, specialising in the most problematic of food aversions in kids. I deliver researched strategies that are helping kids move up the 6 steps of healthy eating.

The driving force and attitude for Little Fusspot is ‘making every bite count’ – Helping families change eating habits, routines, and relationships with food, whilst empowering children to track their own progression through their own food journey.

It’s all about pedalling the processes in my 6-week programs, and watching the results work themselves out.

This business has taken years to build, and my experience with my own children is what fuels my determination to get results for other Little Fusspot families.

I have two children Ryder 6 and Georgia 4. Ryder was born with no ability to feel hunger. He had severe SPD (sensory processing disorder), food neophobia, spectrum issues, Pyrroles (autoimmune disorder) and has been recently diagnosed with coeliac disease. I wasn’t going to wait for my son to grow out of his eating issues, because I knew that a healthy balanced diet is necessary for rhythmic brain function.

Few professionals offer a multidirectional approach to Picky eating and Problem Feeding. Whereas I don’t just do that, but also pride myself on getting to the root cause first. After all, behavioural issues around food and feeding times are just a symptom of the underlying issue that must be unravelled.

My aim is to offer you ‘ah-ha’ moments. Proven and easy to follow strategies and empower you to make a positive change for your family and their long term health and longevity.

I’m here for you, please reach out for a chat, and I wish you strength throughout your journey.

Make every bite count xxx


Make use of the Sensory Placemat and Tracker

Designed to help you and your child change the paradigm of interaction and conversation around food.