Have you got a child who pushes food aside at first glance?

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You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get a child to taste food with this fun and engaging visual therapy tool. When you ask a child to taste a new food, ever considered how many sensory hurdles the child needs to leap to take that enormous step?

Just the instruction alone requires the understanding, processing and execution of many oral and fine motor challenges aside from the fear of swallowing a foreign food.

Chances are that you have tried one too many times and have given up trying to get tastes out of food, however the reality is, the longer the unknown remains about new foods, the more reluctant a child will be to explore.

Fear of the unknown is the true definition of anxiety.

Children under the age of 7 are predominately visual learners, which is why they often look at food and refute it. You will be surprised how easy it is to get a child tasting new foods again when you replace audible instructions for visual approach.

This therapy tool achieves the following:

  • Engages the 5 senses required for food exploration
  • Exercises oral and fine motor function
  • Breaks down sensory resistance into smaller manageable steps
  • Makes mealtimes fun and eliminates anxiety
  • Eliminates repetitive nagging and pleading to try new foods
  • Allows a child to stretch tolerance and acceptance of new foods
  • Can be used in conjunction with reward chart methods
  • Teaches your child a new language to use with food rather than ‘yuk’!
  • Helps you to get a pleasurable outcome out of every challenging meal.

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