A new Little Fusspot record!

This is an extract from a mother in distress. On her pre-consultation assessment form she reported as feeling uneasy before each mealtime with her son who is just 16 months old.

“Current mealtime description: Was a brilliant eater until around 10 months, would eat and try anything I gave him! Has gradually got worse refusing more and more foods. I sometimes try and feed in front of television to get him to eat but even that doesn’t work! Unwanted food gets thrown on the floor! Even when he is starving he won’t try something he doesn’t want will just scream the house down until he gets something he likes. I know he’s not horrendous but he is getting worse and I’m finding it’s so stressful it’s affecting all parts of my life! Really need some help on how to deal with the situation as everyday he’s gone off something else and I feel that he may be constipated most days”

It sounded like this mother was getting herself in a stress cycle, and I knew I couldn’t waste time calling her. A stress cycle is where you stop at nothing to get your child to eat, you apply all the tips you’ve read on the internet and each one fails miserably and your child eats at least one less food than he did before you tried. He feeds on your stress, battles your will, passes on foods he would normally like and the cycle begins again.

I didn’t beat around the bush with this family, I call my courses an ‘Intensive workshop’ because that’s exactly what it was, and sure enough she wasn’t feeling much joy after our first meeting because all she had to change was all too overwhelming. Most families feel more relaxed after the first consultation but she felt worse and felt that things were declining much farther. She was scared of failure and that I can relate to very much, especially as a mum, but this amazing mum stopped at nothing and got all the techniques and changes squeezed into her busy life and boy has it paid off!

She sent me her food diaries and I couldn’t believe it was the same child that I was talking about two weeks ago. Not only did the tantrums and food fights end but his toilet deposits were soft and regular, he is trying new foods on almost a daily occurrence and has added a staggering SEVENTEEN NEW FOODS to his diet! Vegetables roasted, steamed, omelettes, fish, raw bliss balls, smoothies, raw green vegetables AMAZING! And this little boy is just 16 months! It’s a new record for Little Fusspot. Most new foods tried in the first week and by our youngest Little Fusspot!

All she did was ask for help. She is now equipped with life skills and knowledge and she’s back in control, although Mr Fusspot thinks he’s the one in control, she will no longer struggle at mealtimes and her son is much healthier and happier, so therefore so is the family and we’re only at part two of the course! Sure, it takes a mammoth effort and re-organising your daily routine sometimes but this family will never look back.

What a great way to end a busy day of consultations, just thought I’d share this families little win with you all.

The good news is that now all of my therapies are soon to be available online. There’s a course designed for each type of Little Fusspot. The pilot testing stage is nearing to an end and on the 1st of August will release this help to every family that needs help worldwide. If you’d like to take a peek inside our course click here, once you watch the free videos, click on enrol and fill in your details, you’ll be notified of the launch and given early-bird discount codes direct to your inbox.

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