Ten Eyewitness News Fussy Eaters Story

Nine News Fuss Eaters Story

Behind the Brands Blog Bost: How her sons early feeding disorder led Beth Bonfiglio to start Little Mrs Fusspot

When my son was 18-months-old and practically not eating, I worried. He was still on the 10th percentile for growth so doctors considered he was perfectly healthy. But as a clinical nutritionist I knew better.

I wasn’t willing to wait until my son grew out of being a fuss eater because I wondered if he would. There was literally NO help for people whose kids were living on biscuits milk, hot chips and chicken nuggets. A doctor even told me ‘while he’s on formula he’s getting all he needs’. This was wrong and frustrating for me as a nutritionist to hear.

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Top Tips On How To Build A Healthy Immune System as a Working Mum by Beth Bonfiglio at Little Fusspot

With equality and gender diversity being a hot topic among women in business, is it any wonder why women are the top sicky takers and considered less employable?

Imagine this …..

You are sitting at your desk, your eye on the corporate ladder and dreams of what climbing it will bring for you; fulfilment, more income, a new car or an overseas holidays. Then your phone rings, it’s your child’s day-care, Little Charlie has green snot smearing on the other kids and needs to be quarantined.