Customised classroom strategies are now available to assist with health education.

Expertly guided by clinical nutritionist Beth Bonfiglio. Each lesson plan is adapted to the needs of the school. Aimed at not only teaching the  importance of health but also proven to add new and nutritious foods to the students diet.  

Proven to get kids to explore new foods

The great news is there IS a solution to get kids excited about trying new foods -- and I can teach you step-by-step, otherwise conduct the lesson myself. Backed up by my tried-and-tested techniques, you will notice improvements in each child's food exploration, and ultimately their health. 

A multi-directional approach

Unlike any other feeding therapy Program available. These perfectly levelled lesson plans take a multi-directional approach to teaching children about the importance of gut health. Using visual cues, play-based and muscular movement activities which aims to achieve the best out each child. We also have options to include a better health discussion in the home.

Unlimited resources available

Access to hundreds of resources and classroom activities.  All designed to adopt basic positive health practices both at home and at school. Available for all ages, class sizes and educational approach. 

Fussy eaters, or picky eaters, are children who just won’t eat good healthy food & it can really cause your whole family enormous stress and anxiety.  Not only is eating the right foods important for enjoyable mealtimes, but eating the wrong foods can lead to all sorts of health issues with young children if left unresolved.

So, I was delighted to discover Little Fusspots and their online mealtime therapy school, that teaches you all that need to know in a quick, simple and easy 4 week intensive programme. Make fussy eating a thing of the past with Little Fusspot Solutions and save your sanity.

Parents are saying...

I contacted Little Fusspot for my 19 months old daughter who did not eat anything but fruits and milk. After the Little Fusspot intensive program, my daughter eats a far more balanced diet, and has accepted a variety of new foods. Thank you Beth!

- Cecilia R

My two year old son was a very fussy eater and meal times were a source of constant anxiety for us. I contacted Beth of Little Fusspot, at the end of my tether, desperate for help. What a relief! Beth's program was comprehensive and broken down into sensible steps. I wish that I had contacted Beth earlier!

- April K

The course has been absolutely invaluable for our family of fusspots. So much about my daughter's refusal to try anything unfamiliar suddenly made perfect sense. The videos and resource sheets are informative and easy to use. I highly recommend this course!

- Rebecca K

The course is ideal for you if you're:

  • Concerned about the nutritional quality of your students lunches. 
  • Managing a child with complex sensory aversions
  • Faced with a child who seemingly doesn't eat.
  • Interested in better understanding how the child's brain can be rewired to accept healthy food as safe and enjoyable and how to encourage them to be curious about new foods. 
beth bonfiglio little fusspots fussy eating
little fusspot fussy eating
little fusspot fussy eating

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