Is your child a fussy eater? Do you need help with a fussy eating toddler?

  • Fussy Eating Babies | Mealtime Solutions to help your Fussy Baby eater

Is your baby, toddler or child a fussy eater?

Is mealtime a nightmare for you and your family due to fussy eating?


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We can help put a stop to fussy eating and stressful mealtimes, as we have your mealtime solution right here!

Fussy child eaters who just won’t eat good healthy food can really impact the whole family. Not only is eating the right foods important for peaceful mealtimes, but eating the wrong foods can lead to all sorts of health issues with young children if left untreated.

There are multi-directional links between processed foods and the threat of serious illnesses including cancers. It’s very scary to think that every piece of food we put in our mouths either brings us closer to, or further from health. Unfortunately your kids are at the forefront of this battle, as they are exposed to more “Bad food” choices than ever before!

The time to begin planning your child’s eating program is while they are still being bottle-fed. If your fussy eating toddler is beyond the first stages of eating and is proving to be challenging, it’s probably time you seek help from us. We know from experience the older they get the harder the habits die.

We have listened to the requests of our international parents, and provided an online mealtime therapy school, that teaches you all that I teach in my 3 week intensive courses. There are 3 options for courses that you can choose from depending on how much help you think you’ll need from additional 1 on 1 consultations.

The Online Mealtime Solution Coach ready and waiting, we can definitely help your fussy child eater to eat better, and start ‘making every bite count’