My one question I’m dying to know when I meet people from different ethnic backgrounds is! What kitchen cures do you use in your household?

This golden paste was discovered by introducing my son and me to an Indian neighbour at a nearby park. Sima helped Tarrick (18 months) get over a very persistent cough by mixing this into his milk. At the time my son had been coughing for 3 weeks so I urged her to come to my kitchen and show me how it’s traditionally made. I was amazed at how quickly this worked as after just 3 doses Ryders cough had completely disappeared.

Turmeric has a compound present called curcumin. It is responsible for the bright orange colour and medicinal value. Curcumin serves as an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and also possesses an anti-viral action. It relieves chest congestion by removing mucus and reducing inflammation, sooths a sore throat and kills nasty bacteria. Mix this with honey and the added benefits of its antibacterial benefits and you have yourself one killer kitchen cure! I suggest using a dairy free milk in this recipe as milk in itself has been known to stimulate the mucus glands so would obviously be counterintuitive to the desired results.

This golden paste is currently in use as my son woke up with a very deep and chest cough today. So since I was cooking up a batch I thought I’d share the process with you. So here it is.

Turmeric, Honey and Milk tea

1: put 2 tablespoons of turmeric into a dry hot frying pan and keep stirring until the turmeric turns a slightly darker orange. It will smoke but keep the little patient nearby as inhaling the smoke is a strong expectorant.

2: Mix the turmeric with a heaped tablespoon of the best honey you can find. I buy raw honey from a health food store. Manuka honey is also good and has its own medicinal benefits for our purpose. It should look like this.

3: Heat up some (dairy free) milk on the stove in a small pot and stir in one teaspoon of the paste. Stir until all dissolved. I normally add another teaspoon of honey just to add sweetness as the turmeric can be a little strong tasting for little tots. Cool it down with a few ice cubes before serving.

Tip: Serve up just 100mls at a time, it is better made fresh and if you serve up too much milk they are likely to leave half and you can’t be sure if they’ve had enough.

Thank you for reading be sure to share among your friends.

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