A New Feeding Disorder Introduced In Young Children

A newly introduced feeding disorder, Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). It affects infants to early childhood. Although the symptoms on the surface appear the same, the criteria is different to the likes of anorexia. ARFID is a food restriction (or avoidance) that leads to persistent failure to meet nutritional needs. This causes for one… Continue reading

Food swap challenge for fussy eaters

Are you ready for the great Little Fusspot food swap challenge? Each month on the Little Fusspot therapy group on Facebook, I set a challenge for each family to choose their least nutritious food and we all help make suggestions for what recipes or products they may like to use instead. We swap information on… Continue reading

Where does fussy eating begin, and where does it end?

A recent Health Professional Radio episode talked about the eating habits of Australian children. The conclusion…as if we didn’t already know? Those eating habits were unhealthy. But this is not just an ‘Australian issue’: A U.S. survey found that 23 percent of respondents considered a child in their household to be a fussy eater and… Continue reading

A new Little Fusspot record!

This is an extract from a mother in distress. On her pre-consultation assessment form she reported as feeling uneasy before each mealtime with her son who is just 16 months old. “Current mealtime description: Was a brilliant eater until around 10 months, would eat and try anything I gave him! Has gradually got worse refusing… Continue reading