Little Fusspot | Solutions For Helping Fussy Child Eaters

Nara-Beth Bonfiglio – Creator of Little Fusspot


You are not alone, I have always been a fussy eater and now have one of my own. I know what it’s like to struggle with food in general and fussy eaters in particular. My name is Nara- Beth and it appears that my life’s journey was, is, and continues to revolve in some way around food.

My mum rebelled against the 80’s movement towards processed and GM foods. As a naturopath and wise woman who travelled to hear world famous health seminars, Mum did an inspiring job of raising me and my two sisters. However, her recipe repertoire was rarely to my taste. So, I began cooking at a very early age, reading recipe books like novels which were ready to transport me on culinary adventures.

Later, my partner and I spent about 10 years abroad, working and eating our way around Europe, Canada and parts of Asia. The birth of our first born son, Ryder inspired our move back to our roots.

Unfortunately, our return home was bitter-sweet. One the one hand, we were ecstatic to be back among family and friends. On the other, I began descending into a deep depression and felt like the wheels were starting to fall off my marriage. It turned out that there were two food-related reasons. First, I have an autoimmune disease named Hashimoto’s. Second, Ryder started developing his independence and preference for food, modelling his behaviour on his mum, who was guzzling fast food in the front seat of the car. Any wonder that THAT’S what Ryder wanted to eat as well?!

My personal journey has taught me that when sickness strikes, it is important to look within the diet. I looked, and didn’t at all like what I saw. So, I made an action plan;

  1. I knuckled down and completed my qualifications as a clinical nutritionist. To gain experience, I volunteered my weekends to working with mothers who are constantly challenged at each mealtime by their “little fusspots”.
  2. I read every article imaginable about Hashimoto’s and the foods that aggravate the symptoms. I learnt that some form of autoimmune disease was much more likely to fall upon my son unless I drastically drew upon my knowledge to heal and educate my family. So, I devised a healthy eating program for both myself and my son.
  3. I invested time and energy, reinvigorating my marriage so that it would continue to thrive.

Along the way, I have noticed that I am not alone. I have friends with Hashimoto’s. Almost every mother I meet has fussy child eaters in her mothering history. I have come to understand that there are clear, multi-directional links between poor diet, processed/GM foods, autoimmune diseases, and fussy eaters. In large part, this is due to the fundamental relationship between the gut, brain and emotional state.

And so my journey begins, to help others, help their cherished, be nourished to flourish.

For further information on how I can help you with your fussy eater, contact me on +61 (0) 421 440 010.