Right, call me the fun buster but if Ryder ate a tablespoon of refined sugar at each birthday party he goes to each year he would certainly have more than his yearly recommended intake at birthday parties alone. This excludes hidden sugars, Nana’s treats, Easter and the silly season!

My son turned two last week. I thought what better way to celebrate the beginning of terrible 2’s by throwing a big party for him. He had absolutely no idea that all the effort was all for him, bless him, but all the kids really enjoyed themselves so in turn I had a ball!

I made it my objective to prove that party food for kids can be healthy and within a reasonable budget. Here’s how I did it! Recipes will be uploaded to the recipes page of my Littlefusspot.com site shortly.

Pizza pops
$8 for pizza dough, pineapple, ham and cheese

Carrot, banana and walnut cupcakes with a coconut icing
$15 for filling, icing, decoration and cups

Pikelets with home-made jam and cream
$5 for all

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