A new Little Fusspot record!

This is an extract from a mother in distress. On her pre-consultation assessment form she reported as feeling uneasy before each mealtime with her son who is just 16 months old. “Current mealtime description: Was a brilliant eater until around 10 months, would eat and try anything I gave him! Has gradually got worse refusing… Continue reading

The top 5 causes of a fussy child

Top 5 causes of a fussy child You might remember my facebook post on www.facebook.com/littlefusspot a few weeks ago saying: ‘Just finished an intensive 3 hour consult with a mother of twins experiencing all of the top 5 causes of a fussy child. Hang in there it’s going to be a tough week!’ Update: I’ve… Continue reading

My child won’t try new foods

Recently, I’ve had some great success with a new technique I like to call ‘flavour and texture exercises’. This technique is part of our sensory development program and parents have reported an increase in new foods being tried and enjoyed as a result. Getting a little tired of hearing people tell you that you need… Continue reading

Planning meals for fussy children

Planning meals for fussy children Are you aware of what is recommended for a child to meet nutritional guidelines in your country? Perhaps it might be an idea to look for recommendations from your government health agency. Here are some reasons why meal planning is important for a picky eating toddler: It helps us to… Continue reading

5 Rules to follow when introducing solids

Five effective solutions to ensuring positive food relationships when introducing solids to your baby We’re starting solids here with my number 2 offspring, Georgia. Oh my how we are doing things way differently this time round. My clients have taught me to learn from their mistakes so here is a list of the top 5… Continue reading

How to build an immune system

One thing I know for certain is that fussy eaters are more prone to sickness. Understandably, parents are willing to feed their fussy eaters with whatever they want to make sure their tummies are full. Unfortunately, fussy eaters usually choose “bad” foods. As a result, they aren’t getting their daily nutrient values. The parents of… Continue reading

Making mealtime fun for your fussy eating toddler

5 practical tips for creating the right meal-time atmosphere for your fussy eating toddler In my blog, “Feeding Your Child: Top 10 Tips for Success”, we “set the stage”.  Now, let’s make the scenery even more attractive.  This blog is going to give you 5 practical tips for creating the right meal-time atmosphere. 1: Analyse… Continue reading